Chad Atkins

Founder CryptoFarm7 Mining Corporation

Calculated Entrepreneurship with Experience

Atkins started out in the business world at a very young age and was in fact only 17 years old when he started his first company. He’s come a long way since then and has achieved a lot within his life time. He started out incredibly poor and has become a professional bootstrapper out of necessity. His ability to restructure and turnaround failing businesses is uncanny and lends to his knowledge in business, marketing, law, real estate, accounting, finance, operations, management and leadership.
As a serial Entrepreneur, Atkins has developed and built many successful companies that have added tens of millions into the economy and created hundreds of jobs over the years. His number one focus has always been the Customer and his Employees. He enjoys the thrill of new startup ventures and is always looking for the next challenge.
He has served in many leadership positions including; International Rotary Club, Local, State and National DECA, Junior Achievement, Served on the board for National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education and the Fox C6 Education Foundation, along with numerous other organizations. He has been a member and involved with several Chambers of Commerce including Arnold, Lake Ozark, Crystal City, Osage Beach and Festus, Missouri. Atkins has also been a member of FBLA-PBL professional division and have served as a judge at the FBLA District Leadership Conferences.

B.A. Marketing 5/2003

Lindenwood University St. Louis, MO

Dan Francis

Founder CryptoFarm7Mining Corporation

The Cryptocurrency Cowboy

Dan is an experienced expert in all aspects of the Cryptocurrency industry.
He’s a Lifelong Entrepreneur, in Business Development, Consulting, Branding, Manufacturing, Warehousing, US Postal Mail Sorting-Distribution, Internet Merchandising, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker & Cryptocurrency Block Chain Investor/Owner and Cryptocurrency Miner.
He has experience in mining, blockchain, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and how to determine the next hot opportunity. He currently manages a multi-million-dollar cryptocurrency farm.

Clinton Calhoun

CTO CryptoFarm7 Mining Corporation

Decentralized Block Master aka “Cj”

CJ complements our team with over a decade of programming experience for Fortune 500 companies. He leads our development team and brings class with his many years of experience in developing our applications and infrastructure.
With vast experience in BlockChain technologies, he has developed many technical achievements; Building mining pools, masternodes, large-scale mining farms, data centers, blockchains, cryptocurrency coins, crypto exchanges, and much more! CJ enjoys the community aspect of cryptocurrencies,
he enjoys giving support and advice to any of those who ask him for it, CJ is very active on Discord, Bitcointalk, github and many other community driven apps. CJ will play a key role in developing future projects and applications for the Oid.Life Foundation as he has dedicated his FULL-TIME support and joined CryptoFarm7 as Chief Technology Officer.

Greg Kilper

CryptoFarm7 Mining Corporation

The Mathematical Engineer

Greg Kilper has a passion for learning. He believes life is about learning new things and using these ideas to make the world better for everyone. His background includes Bachelor’s Degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Biochemistry as well as a minor in Mathematics. Greg has started several small businesses which he runs to this day. His pass times include hiking, enjoying coffee, cryptocurrency mining and studying supersymmetry.

B.S. Chemistry / Biochemistry 5/2007

University of Missouri St. Louis, MO

B.S. Electrical Engineering / Minor Mathematics 12/2002

University of Missouri / Washington University St. Louis, MO

B.S. Engineering Physics 5/2000

University of Missouri St. Louis, MO

Jake Kontsas

CryptoFarm7 Mining Corporation

The Block Cypher

Jake is extremely passionate about all things tech. He has spent most of his life tinkering with the inner workings of computers, learning how they work, and tuning them to optimize with his workload. He dove into Cryptocurrency in 2015 and has been educating himself on all things crypto since. His passions extend beyond personal gain, as he is an adamant about helping the community and was an active member of the Boy Scouts of America, earning the rank of Eagle Scout by the age of 13. In his free time, he chooses to continue researching the evolving world surrounding crypto and sees many future applications of blockchain technology.

B.S. Information Systems / Minor Criminology & Criminal Justice 2014 – Current

University of Missouri St. Louis, MO

Csilla Brimer

CryptoFarm7 Mining Corporation

Geeky Entrepreneur

In the past 7 years she mastered the art of positive, open & “warm” networking within the International Business, Higher Education & Fintech space across UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, US and South America.

As someone Super passionate about the crypto space, Csilla runs the local Blockchain & Crypto Entrepreneurs meetup in Colorado Springs and involved with the Crypto Café on N Circle Drive.

When she isn’t on a mission to build companies, she likes to build and fly drones, travel with her awesome toddler and enjoy the wild-wild west era of crypto investments.

Brian VerBurg

Director of Marketing for Sober Life USA

Brian VerBurg is the Director of Marketing for Sober Life USA. Sober Life USA was founded in 2014 and has helped over a thousand patients fight their addiction to opiates.

Dr. Yee

Pioneer and Founder of Sober Life USA’s

Dr. Yee is the pioneer and founder of Sober Life USA’s Advanced Medical Detox program. He is a triple Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Board-Certified Pain Management Doctor, and Board Certified Addiction Doctor. He has performed his 8-hour detox while under anesthesia procedure on over 580 patients with great success and no negative outcomes or issues.

Dr. Baumgartner

Medical Director and is a Board Certified Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Baumgartner is our Medical Director and is a Boarder Certified Thoracic Surgeon. He has performed the Naltrexone Implant procedure on hundreds of patients.

Kenn Rivers

CryptoFarm7 Mining Corporation

Veteran Entrepreneur – Veterapreneur

Kenn started his journey in business while in the military, due to the demands of service & world events took a majority of his time in special operations. So he had to put his business ventures on hold for a short time. Kenn has always considered himself as an entrepreneur and in 2000 was the CMO & co-founder of a very successful web design & hosting company in the northwest. Kenn has held unique positions in the military in addition to functioning as a criminal intelligence analyst, management analyst, a security operations manager & consultant for the department of defense and homeland security which has made Kenn well rounded & knowledgeable. Kenn is a member of an established Crypto Mastermind Group and considers himself a crypto advocate. Kenn is the managing member of the Blockchain Chamber NW and works as a consultant with CEDSystems a leading Cyber Security company in the Northwest. Kenn is a graduate of the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Disabled Veterans held at UCLA Anderson School of Management in 2013. He has recently partnered and launched a security & consultant company for government contractors. Kenn brings leadership, a wealth of knowledge and 14 years of business and marketing experience to CryptoFarm7 operations.

B.S. Business Management 6/1999

University of Maryland

Certified Profession Business Intelligence -- CPBI

Agile Contract Management Specialist

Villanova University

Phil Skaggs

Introducing Phil Skaggs

Phil has over 20 years experience in the payments and card industry which includes working for a card association, card processor, Fintech startup as the co-founder, and a Fintech focused financial institution. Over his career he has worked in roles that includes Product Development, Business Development, Client Implementations and Product Management. Phil brings a unique skill set that spans several payment industries including: Prepaid, Debit, Credit cards issuing and processing as well as real time network processing using Visa Direct and MasterCard Moneysend. Other notable payment industry experience include Electronic Billing and Payment (EBPP), ACH, Merchant Processing, Acquiring and Digital Currency.