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SoberLifeUSA offers a complete medical solution to opiate addiction. Advance Medical Detox and Naltrexone Pellet Implant.

SoberLifeUSA treats addiction as a serious chronic medical disease. Our first step in combating this disease is to conduct a thorough medical examination to make sure this solution is an appropriate fit for you. After the diagnostic consultation, our doctors will design an individual treatment and personal recovery plan that will best suit your needs.
For patients that need to be detoxed from Opiates, we have them talk to our Psychiatrist and Addiction Doctor to determine if our Advanced Medical Detox is right for them. After undergoing the 8-hour procedure our patients are free from physical addiction and have no withdrawal.
For those already detoxed, we offer Naltrexone Implants. Our doctors perform an outpatient, minimally invasive procedure, using a compounded implant of the FDA approved drug Naltrexone. Within hours of the procedure, the physical craving for opiates and alcohol are greatly reduced, or completely eliminated.
After this we recommend that our clients go into an Intensive Outpatient Program where they can address the behavioral, emotional, and psychological aspects of the addiction- free of the physical craving and relapses that conventional treatments could not help.
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We accept most PPO insurance for this procedure. Treatment Available Worldwide!


Naltrexone Implant

Naltrexone is an FDA approved drug that has been used by patients suffering from addiction for over 30 years. Numerous studies have confirmed its efficacy in reducing the frequency and severity of relapsing opiate and alcohol use. It works by simply blocking the endorphin receptors in the brain to help mitigate the cravings.
Traditionally this treatment is taken orally, but patients find it difficult to adhere to the ongoing daily schedule of intake, resulting in minimal success. As a result, fluctuations of the cravings continue to swing (often times with even more severity) making recovery nearly impossible. The compounded Naltrexone implant was designed to curb that problem.
The biodegradable implant is safely inserted just beneath the skin, most commonly in the lower abdominal area, by a board certified trained surgeon. Once implanted, the Naltrexone is slowly released into the body over several months. This simple procedure takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete, and patients often report a decrease in cravings within the first couple of hours.
The road to recovery does not end here. Patients will still need to seek therapy or a 12-step program to assist with the ongoing process of addiction recovery. If needed, SoberLifeUSA can help with selecting the appropriate counseling or recovery program that’s right for you.


Advanced Medical Detox

Our unique Advanced Medical Detox procedure is truly amazing. Clients are amazed and potential clients ask all the time if this procedure really works. The answer is YES. For detox from heroin or prescription opiates this absolutely works. The patient is put to sleep under anesthesia for up to 8 hours. When they wake up, they are fully detoxed. There are no more opiates in their system and they are completely free from all withdrawal. It’s an amazing procedure and we’ve had nothing but great success. Why go through a week of pain and sickness when you can be detoxed in up to 8 hours while you sleep. APPLY NOW if you have any questions, want to book your detox, or to check if its covered by your PPO insurance.


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